For instance, if the Sun is weak in the birth chart of a person, then the person can recite the Surya pranam thrice a day. That will definitely help to minimize the malefic effects, says Sri Ashok Maharaj, who is also a Vastu consultant. According to the astrological predictions, a person with a bad Sun will find it difficult to move.
To offset the bad impact, the person should have sweets and drink water before stepping outside. According to Lal Kitab astrological predictions, throwing copper coin in the river also helps to offset the bad planetary influence.

All these will definitely lessen the impact of a bad Mars.
If the Mercury is in a bad shape, Vastu consultant Sri Ashok Maharaj, says it is better to wear an emerald to offset the bad impact. Similarly, if the Jupiter is in a bad position, then the person may turn bald.

An astrologer in Kolkata, Sri Ashok Maharaj, is of the opinion that planets have an overwhelming influence on our lives.
If the planets are well-placed, then the person will reap benefits but if the planets are malefic they can cause diseases and other problems in life.
However, the bad influence of the planets can be mitigated by chanting mantras and other astrological remedies. Black magic specialist, Sri Ashok Maharaj, says that there are certain Vedic remedies for bad planetary positions. These remedies can be segregated into three - Yantra, Mantra, and Tantra.

Vastu consultant Sri Ashok Maharaj also says that if the moon is in a malefic position the symptoms are quite prolific. Water resources around the house may start drying up. According to astrological predictions, a person with a weak Moon in the birth chart can wear a pearl.
Also the person can throw silver in the flowing waters.
A bad Mars can cause some problems like joint pain, anemia etc. The bad impact can be lessened to an extent by wearing red coral and also by worshipping Hanuman on Tuesday, says Sri Ashok Maharaj. You can donate vermillion to Hanuman on Tuesday and recite Hanuman Chalisa.