Here's how I remember what happened. This happened when I was still living in Asheville, NC and before my husband moved us out here to the PNW. I'm sitting here in the parking lot at SEA-TAC waiting to get another Lyft rider and thought I'd share a story of how I got involved with AirBNB and occasionally playing with a renter or two.

I've been having some fun with him and the other day he hot hairy porn pics asked if I'd like a night out on the town. He's a pilot for an airline that flies in and out of Asheville and wanted a place to stay on layovers instead of the boring hotel scene. He loved to hear about me being naughty and I was happy to take advantage of his encouragement.

Geez it's a work/school night but I haven't had a fun night out in a while so why not. To help make some additional money while my husband is gone I've taken in a renter of our basement apartment. My husband who was deployed with the Air Force in Germany loved to hear stories about what I was doing while he was gone. So this past Tuesday I got an email from him in the morning telling me he was going to be in the apartment that night and that I should find a babysitter for the kids and prepare for a fun night out.

I went to my front door and there was a dark blue dress. Who am I to turn down an offer like that? It was very tight and small but still fit me somewhat. I said I was almost ready to which he replied that I should look on the front door for something.

I went upstairs with it and tried it on. The dress was also very short. Luckily I had a strapless bra from a bridesmaid dress from the summer. The babysitter showed up and gave me a few strange looks. I decided to give him a thrill and go panty less. He got into the apartment around 7PM and was calling me on his cel phone at 7:30PM asking if I was ready.

It pushed my boobs up and was very revealing. I got into my car and then called my pilot friend to say I was ready. I acted normally and got her plugged into bedtime. He immediately gave me a long kiss and had his hand over my freshly shaved and quickly wetting pussy in no time. I had to push him off before a neighbor saw.

It showed off a lot of cleavage and curves. I gave a heart felt smile. He must have been waiting because he was in the car 30 seconds later. She's a neighbor's daughter and could stay late or even the night because she has in the past. We drove into Asheville and decided to go to Jack of the Wood to have a beer before figuring out what else to do.

People from Asheville will know exactly the place. I was quickly becoming buzzed from the beer and being there with him. But he did comment on how hot I looked and how much he appreciated the night out. There were some seats on the bench outside on Patton Ave so we had a beer and chatted sitting next to each other as we watched people walk and drive by.

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We went inside and it was exciting from the first step in. While this club is very much a gay and lesbian club it's also a Asheville club and very accepting and welcoming to everybody. Tuesday is dance night and DJ Andy was doing an amazing job mixing together many decades of fun dance music.

Dinner was over and as promised my pilot friend took me dancing. I felt very comfortable. We ended up going to Club Hairspray since I'd always seen it but never been inside. Sorry honey, he just has such a nice one. The music started and the table dancing began. Before I knew it I was rubbing my bare pussy all over my pilot friend's leg and really getting myself off.

%filespin-auto_anchor-article.dat% The mini competition took place in which a row of chairs were set up and contestant couples were positioned on the chairs. While nudity wasn't allowed, table dances and grinding were highly encouraged. What started as a fun event quickly turned in to a very public display of groping and grinding.

I was having a blast dancing around my pilot. What I didn't realize was this was also a Strip atk pussy porn Tease Night. Even the DJ made comment that perhaps a room was in order before things got too hot. So we started walking back to the car and I found myself quickly being dragged back behind Club Hairspray by my now forceful pilot friend.

We stayed for a bit longer and chatted with folks around us but soon it was getting late and I needed a good fucking. The contest ended way too soon and we found ourselves been cheered on by the group of other contestants and others dancing around. I answered back that I wanted to suck him badly too. I soon found the long haired lesbians in a combined table dance behind me grinding to the music and even reaching under my dress to feel my ass and times even my soaking pussy from my legs being open.

The lesbian couple next to me were going wild watching as my pilot friend was squeezing my boobs and also reaching behind to grab my large white ass. I continued to keep my hand wet with spit as I made long firm strokes up and down his hard shaft. All the while bathing his wonderful balls with my lips and tongue.

To that he pulled out his long beautiful cock and pushed me down for some much needed fun. Half my face felt like it was being covered by his ball sack and it felt wonderful and warm. I licked my hand and began working his cock as I lifted it and licked his big balls.

I eventually needed him in my mouth and took a deep breath, relaxed my throat and eased his full shaft down my throat. I had him on fire with this and began to stroke and work the head of his cock with my tongue. I could literally feel the swollen tip of his cock deep down my throat as I took him into my mouth time after time. It seems he couldn't wait and told me he wanted his cock sucked badly.

It felt amazing and so large. I had him going so much that the animal in him came out and he pulled me up turned me around, had me grab a near by fence and soon plunged the pull force of his cock deep into my pussy. He was really going at it. I couldn't help but scream out as an intense orgasm ripped through me making my body quake for the longest time. The speed and force as well as the sensation of my pussy spread so wide from his big cock as it ripped against my clit, I exploded.

I couldn't help but think this was a Literotica moment and I once again was getting the fucking of a lifetime. I eventually calmed down but heard him tell me he wasn't done fucking me. I soon felt my pilot friend pull the top of my dress back and heard him say, "Let's get those big fucking nips out.

" Soon my tits were exposed and flying with the slapping force of a huge cock walloping me and displaying me like a complete slut for our now our audience of one. I could hear our spectator saying, "Nice. I must have startled one of Asheville's many vagrants walking by because I heard someone close by ask if I was ok and then realize I was more then ok.

" "Damn man, you're fucking the shit out of her. " I was now in fucking heaven. The bi-standard had now become an active participant. His cock felt like it was 100 degrees in my mouth and I took pleasure in swirling my tongue around the bulb of his nicely circumcised cock.

He made mention of how big my nipples were. My friend must have motioned him over because I soon felt another hand on my nipples, pulling them down hard and pinching them. He was fucking me so hard and with suck vigor that you could hear the echoes of him slamming into my ass against the near by Federal Building. I grab the fence tighter and soon found my self with a mouthful of a nice cock, although a bit un-showered and musky, I still loved it.

I was so drunk, horny and loving the sensation of this amazing fuck that I didn't object at all. I didn't care who it was, the sensation was wild. He was fully cupping my tits and playing hard with my nipples. I thought I was going cum again when it got pretty crazy and my pilot friend told my now newest friend to take his cock out for me to suck on.

I couldn't help but smile as the pounding started back up. The sensation of a giant cock exploding and pumping cum deep inside me while a nice hard cock began shooting long streams of warm thick cum all over my face and mouth.

My nipples being well milked and full of two cocks. It was pure fucking bliss. I smiled at my pilot friend as I tried to wipe the thick gobs of cum off of my covered face. The two of them in such a nice steady rhythm. I loved every second of it. Once I could stand upright I did and was quickly surprised by what I now saw was a much older man leaning over and into me to take a long caressing suck on my tit.

Oh my God I exploded out of no where and soon did my two fuck buddies. I was a bit embarrassed as a large stream if cum came flowing down my leg. I got a kiss on the hand from my pilot friend before he wished me a good night and walked down the outside steps to his apartment. With that we said good bye to our new friend (he couldn't stop smiling) and walked back to the car.

"I wouldn't miss it you Slutty Mommy," he said. I was a cum covered mess. "You have a story now that I want to read. I spoke out, same time next week? It was so surreal but I couldn't help but feel so happy and satisfied from the experience.