how to change aadhar card address online without mobile numberUpon the files that you provide for documents, your information will be entered into a centralized database. In The Self service Update portal page down, Discover link CLICK HERE TO download the correction upgrade kind, individuals can see the type listed below. To know how to update aadhar card/ uid data offline click it. The online process to make modification/ upgrade aadhar card is very simple. Now let's say you shift from Maharashtra to Gujarat, and update aadhar card date of birth the address - in such case the Local Language of Gujarat will instantly be changed in your Aadhar. First See Update Aadhar Card Particulars fill the overall kind and click on submit button you will get change your aadhar card information and mistakes in aadhar card. The Aadhar Card Update Request Number, likewise called Aadhar card URN Number, is the number that you get when you send an ask for Aadhar card correction or upgrade.

Do Note: To update your Email in Aadhar Card, you will require an existing mobile number currently linked to your Aadhar card. If you lose the URN - We recommend you visit the Nearest Enrolment Centre to Check the Update Status Request. Normally, it takes 2-3 weeks to update your Aadhar information on the basis of your request. Enter your Captcha details and click on 'Send OTP' to receive it on your signed up mobile number. You will also see the Address being at the same time being updated in the local language to the right. The Password to open eAadhar file is the Pin Code of your address registered in your Aadhar card. Then you will have to submit your appropriately filled form with all your information and the update is done by the operator as asked for. For instance if you want to make modification in your name then you will have to publish a government registered id which authenticate your appropriate name like Driving license, passport, PAN Card, citizen ID etc

Enter your 12-digit Aadhar Number and after that fill up all the details as mentioned on your Aadhar Card. A brand-new page will open up. Over here, you will need to provide your Aadhar number and click on the 'Send OTP' option. . And if you wish to make modification in Date of Birth (DOB) then documents are like that birth certificates, passport etc Change of name in Aadhar online can only be done if your mobile number is signed up with the UIDAI. Thus you have lots of opportunities to SAVE and Carefully keep the URN - As the URN is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to Check the Aadhar Update Demand.

URN number- You would have gotten this while obtaining the Aadhar Card Update. You have actually now effectively submitted your Aadhar Card Call Request by means of the online process. In the case of a wrongly written father's/ hubby's name, you will require a Registered Mobile Number. Here, you can complete your right details, examine the spelling of your name and update it. We request you to double-check the spelling of your name to prevent any mistakes.

My aadhar card was not sign up mobile number and email.i send out upgrade my information by means of post. Do Note: To update your Mobile in Aadhar Card, you will require an existing mobile number already linked to your Aadhar card. Visit the official Homeowner UIDAI Website using the link here and click 'Update Aadhar Data' button. Long period of time iam waiting on conformation will not to check my details are updated or call aadhar update center. You can not straight alter the Dad/ Hubby's name in Aadhar as there is no direct alternative to do that ONLINE.