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Keeping players happy and loyal to a game, especially if it's a series is quite a hard task. One such series is WWE from THQ. WWE 2012 is the latest installment in the series andGame Testerswho played its demo weren't satisfied. The complaints were from players demanding more difficult settings within the game. Many of the games hardcore fans have been complaining for years that the game is easy to beat even in the most difficult mode. If you ever played a WWE game then you would probably already be aware of this problem.

However kudos to THQ, the developers, the game quality assuranceteam and the marketing team for finally giving the players what they want. It turns out that WWE 2012 is going to meet the expectations of many hardcore fans and new gamers alike. Other than the games amazing and realistic graphics, introduction of new WWE starts and new gaming modes, the game will now have extreme difficulty that many fans have demanded.

A THQ source tweeted the following - "Matches are much more difficult now So much so that our QA team is complaining about how difficult the game is. Looking good" Even though the new demo would take a couple of months the statement was good enough for many fans. If a professional Game Programmingteam and its testers find a game hard then no more testimonies are needed to prove the new settings. Game QA's handle many games throughout the year and no game is released without passing the testing phase.

The source also said that the original settings of the game and difficult levels would also stay. This would be an added boon to new gamers who can start out on early stages and then switch to even more hardcore levels for a better game play. As such, the changes to the difficulty levels will not have a negative impact on gamers who were already satisfied with the previous easier modes found in the game. THQ and the developers have received many compliments for listening to the fans and at the same time the announcement has also boosted the pre-order sales.

While the changes to WWE are a good example of a gaming company listening to gamers, this is definitely not the only times that this has happened. Those who create video games need to know that they have a responsibility towards gamers to provide them with content that will be interesting and enjoyable to play. This is why many gaming companies now welcome criticism and comments about their games quite openly. Many have set up online forums made specifically for this purpose, so that they can get to hear what their fans want and then implement any changes that need to be implemented to achieve player satisfaction.