There are different types of diets to be able to lose weight in a week. You will find in the network multitude of regimes that promise to lose weight in a fast and sustainable way. The truth is that it all depends on the weight we want to lose, because while it is true, you can lose weight quickly, but not much weight.
You can lose about 3 kilos in a week making a major effort. That is why you should not believe everything you read, you must act with common sense and propriety in this matter.
Who would not want to lose 10 kilos from one day to another?
Effectively to all the world, but this is not that simple, besides it is not healthy either. Losing weight is not losing liquids retained and dehydrated, and that is the fastest way to lose weight.
But that is not worth anything, because when you drink you will recover all the weight lost. It's like when you're sick with colitis or diarrhea, you obviously lose weight; But that weight that loses is practically water, that in the moment that drinks will begin to recover.
As I have discussed above, there are multiple ways to lose weight in a week. Not all are effective or healthy. But numerous studies reveal that the crash system is a very useful system for losing weight quickly, effectively and durably.
Shocks are a method that consists of consuming certain food during the period of a day so that it offers us all its benefits, without putting at risk our organism; Since they are usually foods with little energy and sometimes even with little nutritional value.
The crash system is based on doing a model diet regularly, and make the crash day indicated to further strengthen the diet. So to lose weight a week we propose the following diet system that we will alternate with the shocks.
The basic diet consists of first removing fried, sauces, stews, batter, fats, fizzy drinks, sugars, sweets, etc. Consume carbohydrates, either pasta or rice once a week. We will remove the vegetables during this week.
The basic diet menu is composed as follows:
For breakfast a natural juice a toast with turkey or fresh cheese and a coffee or infusion.
During the middle of the morning a piece of fruit and at the snack a skimmed milk.
At meal a turkey fillet or grilled chicken with cucumber salad, lettuce and tomato seasoned with vinaigrette and pepper.
This fruit belonging to the citrus family has a high fat burning power, is very satiating and takes away the appetite.
You should have half a grapefruit with a toast with turkey ham.
In the meal grilled chicken breast with salad of lettuce and cucumber seasoned with apple cider vinegar and pepper.
And at dinner, a French omelet accompanied by a pair of white asparagus.
In the middle of the morning we will take whole grapefruit or in juice as well as at the snack and for dessert at lunch or dinner.