Nucleic acids are bio-molecules that are found in cells of all lifestyle organisms, be it plants as well as animals. Nucleic acids represents a key role in the extension of life in any residing organism. Nucleic acids include DNA and RNA as their major components. DNA along with RNA are essential components found in the cells of the living organisms that plays a major part in manufacture of necessary protein through a process of replication i actually. e. DNA replication. Nucleic acids can be extracted by way of different methods, some of the techniques were demonstrated by the popular Swiss physician, Friedrick Miescher in 1869 when he ended up being determined to solve the concern of how does the basic basic principle of life works? Due to the fact nucleic acids are substances with unique characteristics, this makes them to be able to be recognized from other molecules hence capable of being extracted. Before these nucleic acids are being extracted, various other bio-molecules such as bacteriophages which I term as " impurities, " should be removed to facilitate faster extraction associated with pure nucleic acids. DNA can be extracted using recombinant method. This method involves joining together two different types of DNA molecules from different kinds. This method ensures faster removal of specific DNA molecule in the organism since the two types associated with DNA materials are unusual to each other hence extraction connected with purified DNA molecule. Many manual methods which includes centrifugal method can be used to ensure right extraction of DNA as well as RNA bio-molecules, this method requires repeated centrifuge of protein materials such as blood along with other materials such as egg yolks, this is done in repeated instances until the impurities in the healthy proteins materials are removed then a pure nucleic molecule will be remained with. However generally purification of these proteins is essential in this method to ensure production of the best product. Solution primarily based method is a modern method that is definitely popularly being adopted simply by several modern physician across the globe, this method is a method which was developed by a series of famous medical doctors from older generation to date. this process involves removal of unwanted resources in the solution by utilization of certain specific and more superior solutions. these solutions usually are added to break the relationship between and among the nucleic acid. This according to his or her method of bonding will result in the extraction of more purified nucleic acids than the preceding methods as stated above. Also an extraction kit comprising a bead that uses the principle of a magnet can be used to extract nucleic gastric acids from different types of the organisms this method is more efficient along with the cheapest method of all the other approaches. The magnetic rod only attract to certain specific DNA and RNA bio-molecules hence production of a pure nucleic molecules. Other procedures such as anion exchange materials, Ion exchange chromatography in addition to affinity are used to extract nucleic acids, these methods are generally laboratory methods which utilizes certain principles and a also follow strict procedure. addititionally there is an automated method of extraction that utilizes a very expensive instrument that can easily extract nucleic acids. Let's check out more details about on automated nucleic acid extraction