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DayZ, originally an ARMA 2 mod that version on steam has managed well as a "Standalone". Currently the game as an early access version to purchase. That is, the game is still in alpha version and has still a number of bugs. The developers themselves recommend to buy the game because then probably only reached the Beta status on the official site until the end of this year.
Since the game as mentioned above is still Alpha is in these requirements can still change!
DayZ appeared in an early alpha version as standalone game by Bohemia interactive on the steam game platform. The survival horror game released originally as a mod for the first-person shooter ARMA II has recently achieved cult status. Network World has looked at version of "ego"looters the alpha and investigates the question short test, whether the already tension keeps the game in the alpha version, which promises the finished game.
For weeks the zombie shooter DayZ standalone topped the charts of the steam, well, whose dominance was broken by two titles. Last week Wolf stone could be: the new order and transistor on the top of the charts put. But deep wasn't DayZ standalone.
After the duration Renner DayZ standalone dominated the steam sales charts for weeks, a saturation seems gradually to return. In the charts, the zombie shooter fell last week to two ranks, which throws him back to third place. At the top, the recently released Wolfenstein are now available: the new order and the action game transistor. Watchdogs, founded probably still some pre-order on the plan in the week prior to release follows in fourth.
That calculated Wolfenstein: new order on one slide, is noteworthy, as that it never very high ranked the weeks prior to publication. Apparently, many players wanted to wait until after the release due to expected weaknesses. Similarly, the cuts made in the German-speaking may have played a role.
It remains exciting, whether the survival-horror game again can sit DayZ in the standalone version in the coming weeks at the top of the sales charts. Beginning of may the title had sold million times two, what suggests, that it gradually could have reached its target audience. Nevertheless, DayZ claims even against new releases as well.