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A: Ways to seventeen years since I sold my first novel (obviously, I was still a child when this occurred). Do not think know just how many I've published to date since I'm very superstitious about counting-- like a gambler counting their money at the table. I'd a bad dry spell in the mid 1990's where, for four properly half years, I couldn't sell a manuscript at each of. I figure when recreation is over, then regular count.
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HTML 5 brings many improvements towards the browser, can make things easier for person and for your web developer. It adds the canvas element, which allows the drawing 2D figures inside the browser. You'll find it enables the browser perform video and audio with the necessity of looking on plug-ins like Flash. Permits web apps to live inside pc without would i need being coupled to the Internet. Furthermore, it allows drag and drop within the browser. HTML 5 can do all this and more.
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Computer training gives you an edge over others. When you know how you can make presentations on pc rather than doing it manually, could be obvious you actually will join advantage.