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The Brazil postponed qualifying for the quarter-final draw with Mexico – since 1978 that the Canaries don't win the first two games in a World – and, as happens when the escrete doesn't win, yesterday emerged several opinions about the kind of failure. One of the voices ever heard in these moments is that of Pele, three-time world champion from Brazil (1958, 1962 and 1970).
For the King is no doubt: lack experience in this selection. "I've already spoken to Ronaldinho, Kaka and Robinho, who have experience, middle to front. Could be used in half of the Championship, as starters or just in the second half. We needed a player with this ability. That's exactly what's missing, because the Middle back are fine but the middle to front we have some difficulty, "said Pele, who lost the first part of the game with Mexicans have been held up in transit from Fortaleza.

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The Brazilian Government has given a deadline of 72 hours for 85 foreign supporters, mainly Chileans, leave the country after they invaded the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to try and watch the match Chile-Spain (2-0).
"If you do not comply with the notification, foreign fans will be subject to summary deportation by the Federal Police," read a statement from the authorities.
The supporters were arrested and identified after they entered the Maracanã without a ticket to the game.
According to FIFA, "violently forced entry into the stadium and broke some barriers to sneak past security elements". According to the Agency, all invaders, who went through the press center with intent to seek access to countertops and caused some damage, were contained and prevented from reaching the Gallery to view the Chile win by 2-0 and keep the world champions of the eighth finals.
FIFA added that it will soon announce measures to adopt to avoid these cases, once you have registered a similar situation in the game between Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina on 15, also at Maracana, when nine Argentines tried to force entry and form held.