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Motorola Atrix is the latest device with Biometric fingerprint reader by Motorola. It has amazing picture quality , stylish design and user friendly features.

Motorola Atrix is most latest offering to its buyers by Motorola. This gadget exhibits some of the features which the earlier handsets from Motorola failed to have. Its unparalleled features and modern looks have amazed the people all over. Making it highly awaited handset. It is hoped that this device will surpasses all its contemporaries in the range of smart phones.

Motorola Atrix has the best connectivity since it is both 2G and 3G enabled. This sleek and stylish handset will be available in the dimensions of 117.8 x 10.1x 63.5mm with weight of around 135g making it really light weight. The touch screen which is TFT capacitive in nature is 4.0 inches in length has the resolution of 540 x 960 pixels with 16 million colours which gives brilliant and outstanding picture quality. The screen has Gorilla Glass display which makes it sturdy. The addition which has been made in it, is Biometric fingerprint reader which recognizes the finger print of the user and hence only the owner of the phone can unlock it. Here you also have your standard lock system as well.

The features like Multi-touch input and Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate are also present which are nowadays seen in all smart phones. The camera is of 5 MP strength with resolution of 2592?1944 pixels and in built features like LED flash and autofocus, geo tagging and image stabilization to boost of, which produce capturing pictures. The 16 GB memory with microSD card slot of 32 GB gives you enough space for storing your all files ,pictures, videos and music files. If you are a regular Internet user than you have GPRS,EDGE and 3G for browsing the net any time without any break.

Data transfer and sharing can be done through USB and Bluetooth. This device is operating on Android operating system and is powered by 1GHz Dual-core processor making the multi tasking faster. For entertaining you there are Games, Stereo FM radio with RDS to keep you company. There are several applications like Google, Google Talk ,Twitter, Facebook. Google Maps, Gmail and you tube which have in built for user's delight.

Motorola Atrix is going to be offer through deals such as Sim free mobile phones , contract mobile phones and also pay as you go mobile phone deals. In addition to this there are free gifts which will be available by contract deals. The prominent networks of UK viz Virgin,Vodafone,02, Three and T-Mobile have come up with numerous free gifts. These gifts includes items such as DVD Players, LCD TV and Laptops to name a few. It is being assumed that Motorola Atrix deals will the first to one come up with the contract offer with duration of 18 or 24 months. The other offers can also be searched on line through several portals.