equal number gameEqualize is the most Addictive Number Puzzle game ever! This game will test your logical skills by forcing you to think various steps ahead of current move.
The objective of this addictive number game is to make each number on the board exactly same.

Why should you download and install Equalize on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other maths puzzle games?
✓ Prove your logical skills by matching the numbers quickly.
✓ Compete with other player globally and find out how smart you really are.
✓ This number puzzle game is easy to play and you don't have to spend much time watching tutorials.
✓ Equalize has 100 different levels with increasing level of difficulty.
Equalize game is designed for intelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing a fun addictive maths puzzle game.

Rules: One of the numbers is always selected. This selected box can be moved by using arrow keys or by swiping in that direction. Each time you move the selector, value of new selected box will be increased by one. Following this rule you have to make all nine numbers equal. Sounds easy? But here comes the interesting part : You have to do it as fast as possible as you would be competing with the other players worldwide!!

Download Equalize and accept the challenge of completing with the world in solving different levels of our numbers puzzle game. Find out how admirable logical skills you GOT. Best of luck!