I always write thinking about the most common doubts of people who do low carb, but have not yet addressed the subject that is more frequent: how to lose weight fast with a low carb diet.
The cases around the same subject are varied, and the most common are people who:
They are doing the diet a few days ago (3 or 4 days) and they want to know why they have not yet lost weight
They are scared because they have lost too much weight in a short time
They lost weight quickly in the first fifteen days and began to lose more slowly
They do not know what they are doing wrong, since they lost x kilos whereas in the cases read on the internet the losses of weight are much greater
She's over 40, especially women, and they're worried they're not losing the weight they were expecting.
Before the tips, three important points on what to expect in terms of weight loss:
Weight loss in the first few days is greater
As in any weight loss process, in the early days most of the weight lost is water. This is not only valid for a low carb diet, it is common in any weight loss process the body get rid of excess fluid in the early days.
However, after the first few days, the body starts to burn fat as fuel and you will continue to notice weight loss but at a slower pace but still possibly higher than on any diet you have tried - and yet not starving yourself.
So it does not make sense for you to catch your weight loss in the first week, multiply by x weeks and determine that in x time you will be with your so desired 56 pounds.
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Who has too much weight to lose and has gained weight due to the excessive consumption of carbos, tends to lose faster
Reading success stories while we are losing weight is key! Helps keep motivation high, and realize that same success is possible for us as well. We read many cases like that of Cicero, who lost more than 50 pounds in a year. Except that Cicero weighed almost 130 pounds.
From what I have been following here for the blog, the vast majority of people have between 20 and 30 pounds to lose, but you can not get the total weight lost by someone else and conclude that you will lose your extra 20 pounds in a fraction of the time you The other person took to lose. Each individual responds in a way to a diet with few carbohydrates.
What happens is that low carb is especially more effective than conventional diets for those who carry too much extra weight, due to the most relevant differential of the diet, which is the absence of hunger.
Those who are very overweight can not live well with little food, so few can lose many and many pounds with calorie restriction, and when they can, it is in a very, very painful way. With low carb it is possible to lose a lot of weight without restricting the consumption of calories and always being satiated.
Men lose weight more easily than women - menopausal women have even more difficulty
According to Dr Atkins, one of the forerunners of the low carb diet, men are expected to lose in the first two weeks by eating up to 20 grams of liquid carbohydrate somewhere around 5 pounds, and women weighing 3 pounds.
Women at menopause need to cope with a greater tendency to gain weight, and to maintain their weight they may need a lower carbohydrate intake than premenopausal women.
Some people suddenly stop losing weight after a few months even eating right, in which case some strategies are needed to accelerate weight loss:
1. Play as clean as possible
Perhaps you may be eating more carb than your maximum weight loss quota. Try 10 days with very little or no fruit (leave only avocado without exaggeration), meat with more natural fat and more basic salads (lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, arugula, tomato, onion broccoli etc) without exceeding 3 cups a day - this All without measuring, go with an eye. Plenty of olive oil, butter, coffee with cream and eggs for breakfast. Real food, the simpler the better.
Eat as simple as possible to accelerate weight loss
Eat as simple as possible to accelerate weight loss
2. Write down everything
It's not easy to have the discipline of keeping a food diary in a tool such as FatSecret or even an excel spreadsheet, but do it for at least a week without leaving the diet, this is essential for you to see how many are yours Consumption of carbos. Plus, just by beginning to account for yourself, you become more aware of the choices you make.
3. Count calories
In general in low carb diet you do not need to worry about the total calories eaten in the day but if it is difficult to lose weight, it is a good thing to check if you are not eating too many calories.
Try to keep an eye on calorie intake beyond total carbohydrates and try to decrease the total calories eaten by 30% for ten days.
4. Count protein
Eating different meats