It is in the months when they wear less clothing that more women care about their silhouette. It is also in this period that women start diets, always in the hope of being able to recover a figure (more) slender in time of the bikini. The most cautious do not wait, however, for the warmer months. Many begin diets in the warmer months so they do not have to dieting to run.
This is the diet plan to lose weight to eliminate up to six pounds:
In the morning
When you wake up, drink a glass of water (preferably lukewarm), seasoned with three or four drops of lemon juice.
- Breakfast
1 cup of tea or infusion without sugar (eg black or green tea, infusion of lemon, chamomile, lemon balm or mint) or 1 glass of skimmed milk or 1 cup of unscented soy milk or 1 thin yogurt ( Solid or liquid flavor or pieces) or 1 soy yogurt + coffee or decaffeinated (if desired) without sugar. Alternatively, use cinnamon (powder or stick) to sweeten + 1 slice of rye bread or kamut or spelled bread or 3 wafers of rice or puffed corn or 3 toasted rye or 5 tablespoons oat flakes.
If you choose bread, crackers or sandwiches, also include one of the following accompaniments:
1 slice of cheese (flamengo light) or 1 small fresh or thin cheese or ¼ slim or low fat curd or 1 teaspoon light cream cheese or 1 triangle of light cheese or 1 slice of Turkey ham or chicken or 1 tablespoon of sweet light dessert or 1 strand of olive oil.
In the morning
By this time, take a portion of fruit of the season, for example:
- 1 apple, orange, pear, kiwi, peach, nectarine or anone
- 1 slice of melon or watermelon
- ½ banana, meloa or mango (small size)
- 1 cup of red fruits
- ¼ small papaya
- 2 prunes, apricots or mandarins
- 2 slices of pineapple or pineapple
- 6 threes
- 1 cup of strawberries
- 8 berries of black grapes
If you prefer, in case you do not like fruit or want to vary, you can opt for a vegetable gelatine.
- Lunch
These are the meals recommended by the specialist:
½ bowl of soup or cream of vegetables (preferably without potatoes, with courgette or turnips instead) + 1/3 of the dish with vegetables and vegetables in salad or vegetables (cooked or steamed) + 1/3 of the plate with protein, namely 1 serving of fish (lean or fat, this up to twice a week) or 1 piece of meat (chicken, turkey, cow or rabbit) or 2 eggs (up to two per week) + 1/3 of the plate with carbohydrates Up to three times a week) including sweet potatoes or quinoa or basmati rice or pasta or whole spaghetti or legumes.
On days that do not include carbohydrates at lunch, divide the dish in half. This should be composed of half vegetables and vegetables and the other half by sources of protein.
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