We’re constantly monitoring the latest technologies and developments in business area. "FRESH᾿ is always keeping up with technological novelties and offers only the most reliable and effective ones. "FRESH᾿ works closely with well- known global companies.
"FRESH USA᾿ incorporates successfully its developments and solutions with RFID technologies to automate laundries/dry-cleanings, hotels, gyms, swimming-pools, residential buildings, factories, fleet vehicles, parking management software lots, theaters, concert halls, medical facilities, casinos and other businesses.
The solution "Theft protection᾿ becomes the most reliable and effective way to confront theft of towels, bathrobes and other stock from gyms, hotels, spa-centers, swimming-pools and water parks etc . Our system showed a good performance in the market.
The organization "FRESH USA᾿ designed "Automated cloakroom᾿ especially for theaters, concert halls, restaurants and other public places with high human traffic. This solution facilitates fast garment retrieval, eliminates queues, speeds up a certain garment or suit search and reduces operating work force and cloakroom space.
"FRESH USA᾿ has the following solution "Parking management software᾿ for fleet vehicles, dwellings, medical facilities, as well as for companies with access control system. This solution allows to simplify in/out control process, reduce operating work force, maintain accounting and have "free hands᾿
"FRESH᾿ prepared "Automated uniform storage᾿ for specialized enterprises with a numerous staff that should have an uniform for each shift. The system is simple parking management software and easy-to-use, reduces installation area and operating work force, speeds up the needed uniform search.
"FRESH᾿ designed "Locker for towels᾿ for gyms, spa facilities, swimming-pools, water parks. This solution includes theft protection system. The benefits of this solution are the following: clean, fresh and sterile towels, bathrobes, uniforms, statistics and stock control, locker access by ID cards or wristbands, garment return/retrieval at the same spot, no need of operating staff, theft protection.
"FRESH᾿ contains a solution "RFID inventory and tracking᾿ for all businesses. This solution assists you in tracking your goods and garments movements. Inventory process will take minimum of your work time.
RFID tags are used in every solutions of "FRESH᾿ These tags are of high quality and is applied in any scope useful.
Besides the company "FRESH᾿ vends laundry equipment, designs and engineers laundries/dry cleanings of any complexity, it has a "Laundry turn-key᾿ option.