Kids From the Other Side, Founder Dr. Daniel Headrick served for eight years as the Medical Director at Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, California. Before that, he was the Medical Director of Hoag Hospital Chemical Dependency Center in Newport Beach, California for 11 years. Dr. Dan dedicates much of his time to the care and treatment of his individual clients, overseeing KFTOS their stabilization to make sure they have a sound transition to treatment and recovery.
The Other Side is a revolutionary new approach to inspiring our youth to make their teen years drug and alcohol free. Drug overdose is now the #1 cause of accidental death in the United States. We have seen a 184% increase in fatal overdoses in only 3 years. Our team is committed to becoming part of the solution. We have studied hundreds of high school aged kids who have never abused a substance and found a common key to their success. If middle school-aged kids make a commitment to never use drugs before they are faced with peer pressure they are more likely to stick to that goal.