Accounting techniques happen to be used and practiced because the early days of human civilisation. The first primitive forms of organised accounting were believed to have originated during the commerce revolution of the Dark ages and whilst accounting practice has evolved over the years it still remains the key to a successful business nowadays. Despite evolving the necessity and idea of accounting has remained consistent through the ages; it is how accounting continues to be deployed and managed that has changed. The key reason for this change is the impact that technologies have had on the way accounts are managed and books are maintained.

How has Technology affected Accounting Software programs?

Technologies have always been central towards the manner in which both individuals and businesses maintain their accounts and solve mathematical problems. With time the process of accounting has been created ever so slightly easier with advances in technology. The abacus turned into the calculator which is slowly giving way to electronic software made to single handily manage accounting practice for individuals and businesses. We've got the technology of computers and software is different how accounts are kept and maintained significantly.

Before the introduction of computers and accounting software packages businesses all operational processes were designed around keeping well maintained paper based records of all accounting information. The emergence of accounting software packages has negated the necessity to keep paper based records and it has therefore rewritten operational processes which have remained in place for many years. The overall acceptance of recent technologies such as accounting software programs has stopped the requirement for calculators, pencils, folders and it has significantly reduced the time it takes to keep the financial records. Most significantly accounting software programs have made accounting available to the masses not only the educated few. No longer does an owner of a small company require a PHD in accounting to keep a well structured set of accounts that may be submitted at end of year. The software has significantly reduced the time it requires to complete a professional group of accounts and also the procedure for maintaining accounts is now not so difficult for anyone to complete. Huge business efficiencies happen to be made as a result.

The development of accounting software programs has been responsible for an infinitely more radical alternation in the industry. Accountants of old were responsible for keeping a business's finances in check by keeping a tabs on their incomings and outgoings whilst establishing a well laid out group of accounts. This could now be completely made by software. It has posed the issue 'what role does an accountant have within the new technological world?' Accounting software Programs is responsible for modern day accountants to become lot more skilled in a consultancy capacity to actually add value to a company. It is not enough to merely bookkeep anymore as more and more business owners can now do this successfully themselves via software. Today smaller businesses understand that as it is more economical to be completing their own accounts they may do not have the necessary knowledge with regards to successfully and sustainably growing the business. This is the new world of the accountant - dealing with businesses on expat tax return planning, business growth, company structures.