Detonating all the fats in a healthy way is all that we most want, is not it? For this exists and is already part of the life of a lot of people. Do you want to know how this happens? So stay here and discover the power of this wonderful juice!
What is Juice Detox?
It is a beverage composed of nutrients capable of eliminating toxins accumulated in the body.
It favors detoxification. It is made from dark green leaves, such as cabbage for example, water or coconut water, and a fruit.
It is also known as green juice, because chlorophyll is always present, being one of the main ingredients.
The presence of nutrients like vitamin C, iron, magnesium, folic acid, fiber and antioxidants make this drink a perfect ally of healthy weight loss.
What is it for?
Detoxification is the ability of our body to eliminate toxins through the daily physiological process. However, we are currently subject to a real overload of toxins present in food, polluted environment, medicines, etc.
These elements accumulate in our cells making it difficult for our body to function properly. This compromises satiety and negatively interferes with our caloric burn. Hence the importance of detox juice - which enhances the detoxifying action of the body. It acts on the toxins facilitating its elimination.
Eggplant Water Juice to Lose Weight and Lose Weight
The benefits are many:
• Used to lose weight;
• Dry belly;
• Improves disposition;
• Moisturizes the skin;
• Assists memory;
• Promotes immune system performance;
• Improves intestinal transit;
• Optimizes the functioning of organs such as lungs, liver and kidneys.
Detox Juice Recipes Simple and Easy to Make
1. Green detox juice with ginger and pineapple
Component Quantity
Kale 2 leaves
Pineapple chopped 01 cup
Grated Ginger 2 teaspoons
Ice water 1/2 liter
Wash the cabbage leaves and toss to the other ingredients in the blender jar. Knock and drink next.
Cabbage Juice with Lemon
2. Detox juice with cabbage and lemon
Component Quantity
Lemon 1/2 un.
Cabbage 01 leaf
Ice water 01 cup
Honey to sweeten to taste
Beat the cabbage with water and honey in the blender. Once beaten, add the juice of half a lemon. Mix lightly with a spoon and drink.
How to drink?
These drinks are quite effective for weight loss. However it is necessary to know how to take so that it is possible to enjoy all the benefits
Here are some tips below
The juice should be consumed immediately after preparation. For it easily loses its properties. Antioxidants are very sensitive to the heat of the environment, light and oxygen.
The best time to take the detox is in the morning, so you will have the benefits acting from the start of the day. But, it can be taken at other times.
Detox juice helps you lose weight. It is excellent partner of a balanced diet. However, it should not be the basis of daily food. No one lives on juices, does he?
Combine these drinks with a balanced diet and a physical exercise routine and you will see your body transform not only losing fat but also living better due to the elimination of so many toxins that we have unfortunately become accustomed to carry in our bodies.
It is worth remembering that before starting any diet or exercise, you should consult your doctor.