How to Get the Most Out of Your Racing Car

pixel car racer ios hackPixel Car Racer Information:

If you're seeking a drag racing game with a lot of customizations, cars and pixelated images, Pixel Car Racer is the game for you! Pixel Car Racer is a game for people that want a drag match with easy to learn controls, heaps and heaps of customization choices, vehicles and images. Pixel Car Racer is a sensible drag simulator which allows you to drag race your favourite cars from AI controlled opponites (that are quite challenging). From Superchargers into Turbos, you can equip your favourite components or to raise the speed of your vehicle/s. With endless customizations you may turn your heap of junk to a car enthusiasts dream automobile.

My Review:

By far one of the best drag racing simulation games on the market. The graphics , the art design , the endless amount of customization ... This can be really paradise for auto enthusiasts. This match is constantly being updated, so new things comes out.

This game is SO addicting ... and the cool thing is that it is FREE. Honestly congratulations for creating a game, to the founder! I recommend this to everybody!

My Suggestions:

I've a lot of idea/s I want them to include in Pixel Car Racer, such as components, more vehicles and many more. However, I need them to bring an internet multiplayer mode, where you can play with friends and family. It gets boring VS bots after a time, therefore adding multiplayer could benifit the game and the community in a good way.


My number one tip for Pixel Car Racer is to use your xp points/tokens for cash updates untill you get to lvl 40, the. Start to upgrade your xp.

Other Information:

- Ages: 10+

- Price: Free (In program purchases my change in cost)

- Creator/s: Studio Furukawa

- Game Type: Racing


Within this manner, you are free to drive around a street with a number of cars. Street races could be initiated by pulling up with a car and pressing the shift light on the middle of your dash. The car will be appear above by A crown icon and also also a 25 second timer will begin.

You will need to change lanes to avoid them since there are a number of vehicles on the street. A red exclamation mark will be displayed on the side of the display whenever there is a car forward in that lane. This can be used to avoid obstacles until they come on screen. Since the warning won't give you enough time to change 23, although useful, these indicators are ineffective at higher rates. The only solution to this is to slow down.

When the timer completes if you are beforehand, you'll be rewarded. Nothing happens if you're not. When there has been a race finished like in other modes the game does not end. You can continue to race other cars.