After all, do you know what Diets really are?
Diet, a word not only widely used by people, but a highly sought after system to improve your health, or to lose weight fast, to lose belly (that localized fat that bothers), or to gain muscle mass.
But to understand it better, let us seek its origin. Coming from the word in Greek, diaita, which means way of life, we can say that diet is a food habit, where we use a set of foods that we eat daily for our physical sustenance.
That is, we already do this daily, we just do not know if correctly with nutritious and healthy foods, or wrongly with heavy and greasy foods, in addition to industrialized products that exist in the market and that mask the big villains for who wants to maintain the form or take care of the Health.
Diets can be used in our favor for a healthier life, be it longevity choice, or need for fragile health.
They can also be used in case of any illness that you may have, or simply because of aesthetics: for weight loss, gain of muscle mass, etc.
But this will only be beneficial, if used correctly and preferably with medical assistance, as there are several types of diets and each one specific for each purpose.
It's always a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor, a dietitian, by first taking a chek-up before you start, since there are cases where a diet may be right for you, effective and not totally ineffective and dangerous.
Diets for Fast Weight Loss with Health
Examples include: A diabetic can not eat a diet at all, because of the risk of excess glucose or carbohydrates that can make him stop at a hospital.
Just like a hypertensive or cardiac that also has to have certain dosage of intake of each food and amount of salt to not have an attack, or a cardiac arrest.
An allergist to gluten, can not consume certain types of food, even if whole wheat.
Just like anyone who has lactose intolerance can not consume dairy products.
This is already a sample that any of us can have restrictions with some type of diet, either because of health problems or because we do not get along with any food. Hence the vital importance of medical monitoring during this change in eating habits.
Quick Diet to Lose Weight and Belly
We find a variety of diets that often look miraculous, but that done wrongly, or by halves, may not deliver the desired effect, creating the accordion effect.
With this, regardless of diet, we must first do a re-education of food not only at mealtimes, but also mentally so that we follow correctly and change the habits of the day to day.
But do not forget a fundamental ally to get good results is the intake of enough water throughout the day so that your body can do a better absorption of food.
One tip is to never drink liquids during meals and always take 250ml of water per hour as it is the time it takes for your stomach to digest water and do the internal cleaning.
We also have to decrease the salt and sodium that usually comes in industrialized foods, such as hams and cheeses, sauces, because sodium causes fluid retention, leaving it swollen and may cause a kidney problem later.
These are the tips on how to start a good diet.
Talking more specifically about the diets that we find, we can mention the Protein Diet that is based on the intake of foods rich in protein, with low fat and absent in carbohydrates, what makes to accelerate the metabolism and the fat burning;
The Dukan Diet which was created by the French physician Pierre Dukan who is based on proteins and vegetables, divided into four fazes;
Specific diets for muscle gain, which are based on a diet that contains a menu rich in protein and carbohydrates and can be divided into before, during and after exercise.